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There are multiple ways to obtain an auth token to be used with the API.

Log in with email through the REST API

Make sure you have registered your email address in the Blink app to use this method.

1) Request a 2FA code to your email

The REST authentication endpoint to connect to:

curl command to request an email code

2) Enter the 2FA code received by email

The email login ID from the previous request:

curl command for email login

The authentication token provides access to your wallet balance, save it securely as a password. Use it to make authenticated requests on the next pages or set it in the header as Authorization Bearer <ory_token>.

Log in with phone and code

Get a 2FA code to your phone number in the Blink app or the Dashboard and use it to log in.

Log in with phone and code

The GraphQL endpoint to connect to:

curl command for phone login

  • Create new account, Start with trial account or Log back in with Phone or Email
  • tap the menu on the top right and scroll down
  • select the build number on the bottom 3 times
  • select Copy access token to save the token to your phone clipboard