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Welcome to the Blink API Documentation

A powerful, cost-effective, and reliable solution for easily integrating simple, reliable Bitcoin & Lightning payments into your projects, regardless of your experience level.

Enable onchain and Layer two Lightning payments denominated in bitcoin or USD in just minutes!

Feature Overview

⚡ Unleash the benefits of Bitcoin & Lightning

Lightning payments give the power of low-cost instant settlement to every business in the world.
With the Blink API you can quickly enable Lightning and onchain payments for your business to unlock:

  • Instant transactions – no waiting for funds to arrive
  • Final settlement – no more chargebacks
  • Low cost – save 2-5% compared to credit cards
  • Micropayments – no minimum payment amount
  • Interoperability – permissionless payment network


💲 Zero fee for Blink-to-Blink transactions!

Robust infrastructure (built on Galoy) and well-managed Lightning channels allow us to provide the lowest possible fees, whether for Lightning (LN) payments, on-chain bitcoin transactions, or BTC to Stablesats conversions.

  • Intraledger (between Blink users) – no fee!
  • Outgoing Lightning – only pay routing fees (~0.02%)
  • Onchain deposit – 0% for payments over 1M sats
  • Stablesats conversion – 0.2% spread, no fees

A detailed FAQ entry on pricing

📖 Blink makes receiving bitcoin simple whether you sell products in person, receive remittances or donations from abroad, or simply send sats between friends.

  • Bitcoin-only - Built by Bitcoiners for everyone, Proudly based in El Salvador
  • Reliable - Uptime & 24/7 team, check the Blink Status Page
  • Low fees – Lightning-first, competitive pricing
  • Simple to use: Avoid the cost and the complexities of channel management. The Galoy backend handles it all, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Open source – Transition to self-hosted
  • USD-enabled – Synthetic USD via Stablesats. Dive deeper on

Get Started: Register in 2 Minutes

➡️ Registering and logging into the Blink API is simple and can be done in under a minute.

  • Register an account with a phone number (note: unavailable in the US and some other countries)
  • Add an email for login
  • Start building!

Interactive Tutorials: Try it Out

🧪 API integration made easy

Sending and receiving Bitcoin and Stablesats via API is simple, and available using both Lightning and onchain. Check out these simple interactive tutorials:

Host it Yourself – Build with Galoy

🏠 Become a sovereign organization

Blink is built on the Galoy open source bitcoin banking stack.
When you're ready, you can host the API on your own terms and seamlessly transition everything to your own infrastructure.
Visit for more information on our open-source offerings.

Join our Mattermost

Join us in enabling a Bitcoin-powered future with the Blink API powered by Galoy!