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Start with the Blink Dashboard

Register with a phone number or log in with your existing Blink account on
Use the same credentials as with the Blink wallet app.

Create an API key

  • log in with your registered email or a phone number
  • select API Keys in the menu on the left
  • create an API key with the + button
  • copy the API key and save it securely as a password

Create an API key in the Dashboard

Use the API key

  • try the interactive API tutorial on the next pages
  • the API endpoint is
  • for your custom requests set the API key in the header as:
    "X-API-KEY" "blink_..."
  • open the same URL for the GraphQL Playground:
  • check out the Galoy API Postman collection

To use the legacy authentication token visit the /api/legacy/auth folder.

For testing and development connect to the Galoy Staging environment


New registrations to the staging environment are currently limited. Please contact us on our Community Mattermost Server on to request access.