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Blink Voucher

A Free Open Source in-house solution to create and redeem Dollar / Bitcoin vouchers using LNURLwithdraw codes.

  • Makes sale of bitcoin for fiat easy
  • Vendors can earn commissions
  • Flexible vendor commission
  • Zero upfront cost / commitment
  • Ideal for exchange offices in cash based economies
  • 65 currency pairs and growing
  • 0.2% Platform Fee for Blink
  • Pay from BTC or USD Account
  • Optimized for Bitcoinize POS
  • More low-cost printer options planned


  • Spawn more P2P on- and off-ramps
  • Bitcoin Accepted -> Bitcoin Preferred
  • Generate revenue for Blink and Blink users
voucher redeem voucher app on the Bitcoinize PoS device

Source Code